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Finnish Higher Education Qualifications and Study Programmes

In Finland the universities and polytechnics issue a Diploma Supplement, a document jointly designed by the EU, the Council of Europe and UNESCO to provide information about the studies completed by the student, the status of the degree and the qualification provided by the degree for further studies and for jobs.

Finnish higher education institutions also use the ECTS system (European Credit Transfer System) in international student mobility schemes. ECTS is used to facilitate mobility and this will become more widespread. ECTS aids comparison between study programmes for all students, local and foreign. It facilitates mobility and academic recognition and it helps universities and polytechnics to organise and revise their study programmes. ECTS can be used across a variety of programmes and models of delivery. The key documents of ECTS are the Course Catalogue, the Learning Agreement and the Transcript of Records.

International Cooperation

Internationalisation of education has been one of the key development areas in Finnish educational policy since the late 1980s. All Finnish institutions of higher education, i.e. polytechnics and universities, have close connections to foreign institutions and active exchange and mobility schemes with them.

Every year an increasing number of international students choose Finland as their place of study, and many Finnish students pursue part of their degree studies abroad. In order to attract international exchange and degree students, Finnish universities have developed numerous English-language study programmes.

In 2007 there were close to 400 study programmes in different disciplines taught in English. In 2008-2009 Finnish institutions offer close to 200 degree programmes taught in English on Master's and Doctoral level.

At the moment some 11 300 foreign students representing more than 40 nationalities are studying for a degree in Finland, and of them approximately 5 900 are enrolled in universities. In addition, over 7 200 other students come to Finland every year either on exchange programmes or independently.

According to Statistics Finland the top five countries of origin for foreign students attending Finnish universities and polytechnics in 2006 were:

  • China (16,7 %)

  • Russian Federation (11,7 %)

  • Estonia (6,6 %)

  • Sweden (5,7 %)

  • Germany (4,0 %)

In 2005, the degree structure of Finnish universities was amended to become more compatible internationally. All programmes are based on a joint European credit system, which will further facilitate international transparency and recognition of Finnish degrees at a global level.

International Study Programmes.

Below are degree study programmes taught in English in Finnish UAS.

Automation Engineering

Construction Engineering

Degree Program In Mechanical Engineering And Production Technology

Degree Program In Nursing

Degree Program In Paper Technology

Degree Programme For Multilingual Management Assistants

Degree Programme In Business Information Technology

Degree Programme In Business Management

Degree Programme In Business Management, Leppävaara

Degree Programme in Business management, Otaniemi

Degree Programme in Chemistry and Technology

Degree Programme in Design

Degree Programme in Environmental Engineering

Degree Programme in Experience and Wellness Management

Degree Programme In Fine Arts

Degree Programme In Hotel, Restaurant And Tourism Management

Degree Programme In Industrial Management

Degree Programme In Information Technology

Degree Programme in Information Technology (adult education)

Degree Programme In Information Technology (Raahe)

Degree Programme In International Business

Degree Programme In International Business ( BBA )

Degree Programme in International Business and Logistics

Degree Programme In International Business/marketing

Degree Programme In Media Engineering

Degree Programme In Nursing

Degree Programme in Social Science

Degree Programme In Sports And Leisure Management

Degree Programme In Tourism

Degree Programme in Tourism (Hospitality Management)

European Business Administration Double Degree Programme

European Management Double Degree Programme

Facility Management

Human Ageing And Elderly Service (BA)

Industrial Management / Engineering And International Business Management

Information Technology

Information Technology: Internet Technology

Integrated Coastal Zone Management ICZM

International Business

International Business / International Marketing Management

International Business And Marketing Logistics

International Business: International Business Management

International Degree Program In Tourism

Logistics Engineering

Mechanical Engineering And Production Technology

Music and Media Management



Plastics Technology (BA)

Supply Chain Management


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jaili just apply to any of the school that interest you and submit all qualifications you have to the school and let me know when you have done that ok.
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