Sunday, December 25, 2011

Entrance Examination

The arrangements for the entrance examinations are in all cases arranged by the polytechnics in co-operation with reliable partners such as the Finnish Embassy, and the fee charged of the applicants at this point is due to the cost generated by the use of the Embassy's premises and personnel. No other fee is charged of the applicants during the application.

When applying to finnish UAS, you need to get yourself information concerning the following;

General admission criteria
Options of preference and changing the application
Entrance examinations
Language Test

You can get this information directly from the Admissions office of the UAS offering you intended study programme in Finland.

You need to have clear, accurate and adequate information, for instance i remember a year i apply for admission and i qualified but the programme i applied for is taught in Finnish only; Imagine i had to wait another year because i lack that little information.

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Information is powerful.