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Test Of English as Foreign Language (2) How to register?

How to register?

First you need to register as a user on the TOEFL homepage. You need to have decided which UNIVERSITIES you want to STUDY ABROAD at. Every foreign undergraduate applicant needs to be focus on which universities or colleges are his / her choice.

It is highly necessary for you to check the test centers and dates before registering for any test. It is recommended to register very early because for late registrations and reschedulings extra fees will occur!

TOEFL test fees vary by country. You can check the dates and centers on the website of TOEFL. Behind every date and center you can see how much it will cost you to take the test at this place. You can also view them directly by visiting the TOEFL website.

You also need to check on your desire universities or college website to know the average TOEFL score they require; the minimum scored required by universities varies from univeristies to degree courses. Therefore it is important to have adequate information about the UNIVERSITY of your choice before registering for the TOEFL exam.

If you have decided to choose a date and a place to take your test you can continue with registering for the TOEFL test. To do so go on to the main page of the TOEFL website and click on "Register now". You are asked to choose a country you wish to take your test. As a next step you are recommended to choose "Register Online for the Internet-based Test". Therefore you have to log in with your user name and password.

If you are done with that, continue by filling the form (look Picture 1). It is best for you to choose the country you are a citizen of and do it there. But it is also possible to take the test in any other country and city in the world if you want to. After you have chosen your test location and date continue by choosing the test center that is most favorable for you. Be sure to check the date, time and the location. If you have chosen the best option for you, simply click on the test center's name.

After that you are shown a Reservation Summary (Picture 2). Be sure to check everything again and click Continue. If you are done with that, you can choose up to 4 score recipients (Picture 3) who will get your test result automatically and free of charge. So be sure to choose your most wanted four schools on that list.

Forms of Payment

1. Credit/debit card — American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, MasterCard®, or Visa®.
You need to have the CVV code (3 numbers on the back of your card)
2. Electronic checks (e-checks) — drawn on a bank in the United States or its territories. E-checks can be used to register online or by phone.

3. In some areas, you can purchase TOEFL iBT Test registration vouchers with local currency and/or register in person at TOEFL iBT Test Resource Centres. Registration vouchers are unique numerical codes that you can use in place of credit cards as payment when you register for the test. If you don't want to register at a TOEFL iBT Test Resource Centre, you can use a registration voucher to register online from any computer or by phone.
4. Paper check — the following types of checks are accepted:
* personal paper checks or money orders made payable to ETS-TOEFL iBT
* Euro checks drawn on a bank in the same European country as the currency
* checks in Canadian dollars drawn on a bank in Canada at the rate of the U.S. dollar plus GST/HST/QST
5. Only Visa or paper checks are accepted for the following locations: Benin, Cameroon, Cote D'Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria and Togo.


Make sure you use the opportunity of sending your score directly the UNIVERSITY of your choice; you can send to four various UNIVERSITIES free directly from ETS all free.


Anonymous said...

are there any universities in Finland collecting tuition fees?

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i find it appalling that as a finnish tax payer i'm paying a part your education

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